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Local SEO services will help you get found in today’s market. Stop doing things the old way and get started on the right foot. Your customers will thank you!

Get found with Local SEO Services

Nobody Uses The
Phone Book Anymore

Remember the good ole days when in order to be in front of your competition, all you had to do is name your business “AAA Auto Shop”. Just as long as you had one A more then your competitor, you’d be at the top of the list because the Yellow pages were in alphabetical order.

Search Engines don’t work like that. Now you have to worry about whether your website is setup and optimized properly, so that Google puts you at the top of the list. You will lose your mind trying to find the time to do all that!

In order to compete online in these digital landscapes is by having a solid local seo strategy that can attract your customers to your business and not your competition down the street.

Local SEO Services: What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to attract more business from a wider audience from relevant local searches. Whether that be through Google My Business or organically through Google’s search results.

For example: There’s a auto shop in San Antonio that wants to serve it’s customers at their specific location, but don’t care to service areas in Houston, because it’s to far and they wouldn’t be able to service them anyways.

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Do I Need local SEO?

If you’re a local business providing products or services in a geographical area, then yes. It would be important for you to implement local SEO services. What does all this mean? It means if your customers come to you or you go to your customers , then you are a “local business” because you will need to target a specific area or mulitple areas if you have more than one location.

Lots of people are searching for services “near me” or in a specific geographical area. Google’s search engines are now smart enough to know when somebody is searching a auto shop or doctor, that they will probably want one close by.

How does local seo work?

Before starting any Local SEO service strategy. It’s important to know who your target audience is. Once that’s figured out, the next main step would be:

  1. Keyword Research to see what users are actually searching for.
  2. Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  3. Keep your business information consistent for Google and help build your Local Authority.
  4. Optimize your website correctly, so that Google understands what your business is about and the services that you provide.
  5. Building your domains rank in order to target competitive keywords that will drive more traffic to your business’s website.
  6. Acquiring reviews through google and other third party accounts.

There's 2 types of SEO

There are multiple ways of integrating local SEO services. The two main types are “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO”. Black hat SEO can get you ranking a lot faster, but comes with a risk of Google penalizing your WordPress (WP) website and removing it completely. All the hard work and money spent building your online presence would be for nothing!

Good for you I only do “White Hat SEO” techniques and you won’t have to worry about losing your hard earned money. These techniques rely heavily on proper Google My Business Optimization, content creation, link building & directory/citation listings. Most importantly great content with highly targeted keyword usage that attracts search engines with the right information your leads need.

Are Local SEO Services Right For me?

If you want to get found a lot easier by your potential customers and see real growth, then yes definitely! Is it competitive? Yes it is, but the sooner you start the better. With the right strategy in place and a properly optimized web design, you can be at the the top of the list as well. Everyone deserves a piece of the pie and I’m going to help you get there!

Local SEO Services

Google My Business

One main aspect to local SEO is having your Google My Business account properly setup and optimized.

Local Schema Markup

Google needs additional information about your business/website to help better relate to the data displayed on your site.

Keyword Research

Without KW research you won't really know what your customers are searching for in order to find businesses online.

On-Page SEO

Get your pages optimized for your main keyword so that Google can put your businesses in front of the right customers.


To build the overall strength and rankings of your website is to have other relavant websites linking back to your site.


Keep your business information consistent for Google and help build your Local Authority.

Interested in creating your local seo strategy?