Mobile-Friendly Websites in San Antonio

Optimized for all devices

There are so many different types of devices being used for people to access the web. Gone were the days where you only had your desktop computer to surf the web. Most websites have adapted to be mobile-friendly websites and for good reason. Here at Southtown Web Design, we always ensure your site looks its best on any device.

mobile friendly websites in san antonio

Mobile friendly websites in san antonio

A Website Needs To Work From Any Device
, No Matter What

Mobile-Friendly Websites

A few years back, Google made it mandatory that all websites should be optimized to be mobile. mobile-friendly websites should be able to adapt, well… to the phone that your customers are using. Which also will help boost your san antonio SEO ranking in Google’s search engines.

A good example of a site that’s not mobile-friendly is one where you see the desktop view on your phone and have to zoom in to read the text or click on a button. I’m sure most of you remember those days, if not, It’s for the better.

mobile device
mobile friendly website browsing

Why Google Made The Change?

Google required the change for all sites to be mobile-friendly websites, because more and more people are viewing businesses & services from there mobile devices vs. desktop computers. According to Invozone, “55% of all internet users prefer a mobile device”.

Think about how quickly someone will leave your site if it’s not optimized to be read and navigated easily? I can promise you most will.

Some san antonio website design companies say you need to have another website built for mobile and luckily for you, this is not true.  Southtown Designs builds custom sites that work and are optimized to be mobile-friendly websites from the get go!

Are you a reputable company but your site says otherwise?

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