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So, What does WP mean?

As per the title of this blog, “what does WP stands for? Well, what does it stand for? Still scratching your head over this! I’ll just save you the headache and tell you. It stands for “WordPress”. There you have it! No need to worry anymore. Since we have that out of the way, the next question is, what is WordPress?

Well, to keep it as simple as possible, WordPress is used to create, edit & maintain content. WordPress started off as a blogging platform and now has grown to power over 34% of the entire web! According to Kinsta. Not only can you build a blog website with WordPress, you can build a full on professional and functional website design.

The types of sites you can build with WordPress

someone writing a blog on a WordPress editor
  • Blog
  • Information Websites
  • E-Commerce Site
  • Membership
  • Online Community
  • SEO Optimized
  • local SEO Optimized
  • Portfolio
  • Business Website
  • Magazine/News Publishing Site
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Multi-Site Network

Comparing WordPress and Custom Built Websites: Understanding the Implications of WP

WordPress WebsitesCustom Websites
Ease of UseIdeal for beginners with its user-friendly interface. No coding knowledge required for basic websites.Requires expertise in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
CostGenerally less expensive. Costs can include hosting, domain, and premium themes or plugins.Typically more expensive. Costs include developer time, custom design, hosting, and domain.
CustomizabilityCustomization can be limited by the chosen theme and plugins unless you are well-versed in coding.High level of customization as every aspect of the website can be built to specification.
MaintenanceRegular updates required for the WordPress platform, themes, and plugins. Managed by the user unless a maintenance plan is purchased.May require less frequent updates. Maintenance is usually managed by the developer or a webmaster.
ScalabilityGreat for small to medium sized websites. Can handle large websites, but may require significant customization and optimization.Ideal for large websites or apps with complex requirements and high traffic.
Time to LaunchFaster to set up with pre-built themes and plugins.Time consuming due to custom design and development process.

Wrapping This Up

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to building a WordPress web design. WordPress is a great choice to build  your site on and it’s what I use personally for all my websites and digital marketing needs. If your looking for a website app or mobile app, I would not recommend WP.  Apps are more complex in nature and deal with a lot of different types of data sets and hiring a software development company would be your best choice. But for everything else, WP can checkoff most of your website needs.

Here at Southtown Web Design, Wordpress is our specialty and would love to share our knowledge with you and your business. For information on build your site on the WordPress CMS, contact us today.


What does WP mean in website?

WP is short for WordPress, which is a popular content management system (CMS). Websites built with WordPress allow for flexibility and ease of use, making it a top choice for many website owners and developers.

What does WP mean in HTML?

In the context of HTML, WP generally refers to WordPress as well. It doesn’t represent any specific HTML tag or attribute. WordPress uses HTML in its system, but the term “WP” isn’t an HTML code itself.

What is a WP theme?

A WP theme refers to a collection of stylesheets and templates that are used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. Themes can be customized or built from scratch, and they directly affect the user interface and user experience.

How do I find the WP theme of a website?

To discover the WP theme of a website, you can view the page source in your browser and look for the ‘wp-content/themes/’ section in the HTML code. The name following this path is typically the theme. Alternatively, you can use online tools like WPThemeDetector, which automate this process.

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