Wix to WordPress, should you convert?

image showcasing a comparison between wix and wordpress

Thinking about moving from Wix to WordPress? Wix can be a good option for small businesses, that are on a budget. Wix provides a lot of great templates to choose from to give your website a nice look and feel, but when your business starts to scale, is when you start to see the limitations it provides.

Check out this Infograph for the top 6 reasons why you should be using WordPress.

wix to wordpress infograph explaining reasons to switch to WordPress

For those that don't like Info-Graphs, here is the list in text format. Your welcome!

Now you can see why switching from Wix to WordPress will solve a lot of headaches. Still not convinced? Overall, Wix is a good solution for small businesses that are starting out with an online presence, but if you ever plan to scale your online presence, then building a unique san antonio web design tailored to match your business brand, that will grow with your business, then WordPress will be a good next step.

WordPress can handle most website types, but if you’re looking for a site that collects complex data types, like booking.com or airbnb, then you will need to speak with someone that understands website application development.

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