Wix to WordPress, should you convert?

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Thinking about moving from Wix to WordPress? Wix can be a good option for small businesses, that are on a budget. Wix provides a lot of great templates to choose from to give your website a nice look and feel, but when your business starts to scale, is when you start to see the limitations it provides.

Check out this Info-graph for the top 6 reasons why you should be using WordPress.

wix to wordpress infograph explaining reasons to switch to WordPress

For those that don’t like Info-Graphs, here is the list in text format. Your welcome!


With Wix you don’t own your website. Just check out the terms and conditions. WordPress give you complete ownership of everything on your website! From your unique to your hard effort with content creation and hosting. It’s 100% yours! Do with it as you will, without worrying about most limitation from wix and other page building platforms.


Try editing the code on a Wix template and you will want to give up on it as soon as you start. The WP Theme directory has thousands of templates to choose from. As well as 1000s of premium options. The potential is limitless.


The wix platform provides a very basic platform for layout and design options. With the right tools, WordPress has endless possibilities in terms of customization’s. Break outside the cookie cutter websites that you see everyone using! Going custom can really build your brand and stay consistent with your current one.


Wix can be SEO friendly with the right set up and tweaks. Although to go in great detail with your SEO strategy, WordPress provides premium search engine optimization plugins that can fully optimize your WordPress web design and it’s content.


Wix offers a few hundred plugins to help you in building your site. WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins to extend the functionality of your website. If there is one thing that WordPress users love, it’s their plugins! A simple website can easily be scaled with your growing business.


There is a free version for Wix, but with annoying ads that will drive you crazy! Paid plans range from 10-25/month. In WordPress all you pay is your annual domain fee around $10 a year and a couple dollars a month for hosting. For improved site speed the cost will be higher, but site speed plays a huge role in your user experience and SEO. So, don’t be too cheap! You get what you pay for.

Now you can see why switching from Wix to WordPress will solve a lot of headaches. Still not convinced? Overall, Wix is a good solution for small businesses that are starting out with an online presence, but if you ever plan to scale your online presence, then building a unique san antonio web design tailored to match your business brand, that will grow with your business, then WordPress will be a good next step.

WordPress can handle most website types, but if you’re looking for a site that collects complex data types, like booking.com or airbnb, then you will need to speak with someone that understands website application development.

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