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Brief history of Hill Country Village, TX

According to Texas Escapes, “Hill Country Village has no 19th Century history. Prior to its post war development as a suburb, it was a hog farm. In 1946 the site was bought, water pipes were laid and Village Estates appeared as the first suburban development directly north of the city.

First parcels were a generous nine acres of land, which was later reduced to two acres. The Hill Country Village Association was formed in 1954 and the city was incorporated in 1956 to prevent annexation by the rapidly growing San Antonio.

The 1960n census reported 418 people living in Hill Country Village which slowly increased to 972 by 1980. Twenty years later it had only increased to just over 1,000 residents. “

Hill Country Village provides country style living as a city within a city. It’s centrally located with lots of businesses and amenities surrounding it. We are here to help those businesses big or small create a great online presence in order to provide places that are easily found for the local community.

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