10 Websites to Find Royalty Free Images for Your Website

Find royalty free photos like this one of mountains by Unsplash

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10 Websites to Find Royalty-Free Images for Your Website

Great images are an essential component for designing a beautiful website, especially when you can find royalty free images. Here at Southtown Web Design, we use a lot of quality free images for ourselves and our clients. Adding a few mesmerizing images to your website can transform your visitors and customers’ experience into a memorable one.

However, you should be careful while using Google to find your image, since it can easily lead to a lawsuit. So, avoid relying on Google if you want to find proper images. Instead, you should go for royalty-free images from specific databases accessible to all.

Royalty-free websites often provide the best options for getting images for a website or potential website design project. Here are ten best websites for royalty-free stock photos– offering high-quality images that are free of charge. 

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Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay

#1 Pixabay

Pixabay is a website where a community of creative folks offers copyright-free images, music, and art. They have a plethora of free images, with size-flexibility when choosing how to download images. When getting images for a website, you can download JPG format in up to four different sizes according to how you plan to use them.

The website is one of the most popular sources of free images these days. It has an extensive database of 2.3 million copyright-free images that you can use on your websites or blogs. You can use, edit, modify, publish and share these images, illustrations, art vectors, and videos on your website or blog completely free.

#2 Unsplash

Unsplash is somewhat a pioneer among photo platforms right now. Various photographers submit the platform’s photos with a wide variety of interests and, for the most part, are of outstanding quality. 

There are about 550,000 photos that you can download and use for free. There’s a great search function for specific images too. You can check categories or even check photo collections of the 95,000 members. Unsplash is now one of the best copyright-free image sites to find royalty free images around.

#3 Pexels

This great platform offers hand-picked royalty-free images under the Creative Commons Zero license agreement, CC0. The license implies that the photos can be used for personal and business purposes without attribution, i.e., mentioning an author. The site’s excellent search engine also allows you to quickly find the desired image.

When it comes to getting images for a website, we can’t write a blog on free stock images without mentioning Pexels. It has a vast, well-organized collection of free stock photos that are organically curated.

Pexels is the go-to image source for many bloggers who want to create intriguing posts. And thanks to its search functionality, finding the right photo for your next project can be super easy.

#4 Vecteezy

Vecteezy has an extensive library of lovely free stock photos. A few major benefits make this website stand out against other stock photo sites. First, the site has a super accurate search functionality that allows you to filter photos by color, style, orientation, number of people, age of models, etc.

Second, the website provides signed models and property releases for all free photos where needed. This feature protects users (and their designs) from any legal liabilities– a point that is often overlooked by other free photo sites.

Plus, Vecteezy’s content team members manually review each photo submission for quality, meaning their photo collection is expertly curated, ensuring a high quality bar.

#5 Negative Space

Negative Space is a UK-based platform and has a massive community of photographers that share their work with the world. All the images are CC0 licensed and entirely free for commercial and non-commercial use. So, you can find exceptional free photos for your blogs here. 

Negative Space offers you thousands of beautiful royalty-free images, covering a comprehensive range of categories. Like some of the other top copyright-free stock image sites, you can search Negative Space using the color you want rather than a specific search term or category.

#6 Life of Pix

Life of Pix publishes a new, high-resolution photo from professional photographers every week. Again, instead of your typical clichéd images, you’ll find quality footage on Life of Pix that makes your website gorgeous! You can skim the galleries of individual photographers and lose yourself for hours scouring through the beautiful copyright-free pictures on Life of Pix.

The website lists free high-resolution photographs and partners with Adobe Stock for more (paid) photos. Created by the LEEROY advertising agency in Montreal, Life of Pix is a haven for free, public domain photography.

#7 Flickr

Flickr is a great platform to put pictures online and present them. With the practical filter capability for “licenses,” you can also find images for commercial projects– i.e., set the filter to “Commercial use & mods allowed.” It’s a large image platform that provides commercially usable free images.

Flickr has been one of the most outstanding image libraries on the internet for a long time. With millions of high-quality public domain photos, you’re unlikely to run out of stock photography soon.

#8 StockSnap

Stocksnap uses the Creative Commons CC0 license. Its shots are free to download, edit, and use for commercial and non-commercial projects. It provides an excellent and extensive library of free stock imagery.

StockSnap isn’t your typical stock image website. There are hundreds of high-quality photos added weekly, and every single photo is free for you to use. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better image website.

#9 Reshot

Another excellent option for royalty-free stock images is the Reshot. The development team vets each copyright-free photo uploaded to the site, ensuring only the best is available to you. 

The standard of photography on Reshot is very high, which will be reflected in your blogs. There are brilliant high-resolution images there for every topic. Reshot is a community with a mission beyond just a simple stock photo collection.

#10 PicJumbo

Last but not least, PicJumbo offers an extensive collection of pictures in many categories. It was founded in 2013, and two years later, it could break through the barrier of 2.5 million downloaded photos. 

So, if you want, you can download more than 2000 photos at once and have an extensive image library offline. This feature is free, too, although there’s an optional donation.

Picjumbo offers everything you need to add to your websites, blogs, etc. It provides a lot of pictures of the highest quality, and also, the packages for premium content and the plugins for Photoshop are charming.

Bottom Line

When getting images for a website you need to be careful that the images you are using are copyright and royalty-free. Now that you are planning on improving your website with the best images, make sure that your target audience can easily find you online first.

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