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The most important thing when building a website design, is to have your site be more “user-friendly”. When it comes down to it, it’s the user that your actually building the site for, because they are the ones that will decide whether they want to go to your site and request your services. Building a site that’s not very user-friendly, will end up hurting your online presence in the long run. So without further ado, here is a list of examples that you can apply to your website to give a better user experience. 

Top 5 Examples To Make Your Website User-Friendly

1. Increasing your website loading time

Probably the biggest change you can apply to your website yourself, would be to increase your website speed. Having a website design that is optimized for speed, helps visitors get to your content that much faster.

A site that takes longer then 3 seconds to load will usually cause your visitors to close  out of your page, without them ever seeing what you have to offer. Check out your site speed here:

One of the ways you can increase your site speed is through choosing the right hosting provider. If your building your website on the WordPress platform, then going with a hosting provider that specifically optimizes for WordPress is a no brainer. The best hosting you can get that exclusively hosts sites only built with WordPress is WPENGINE. But if you are like me and are looking for a cheaper alternative to hosting your site without sacrificing quality, would be SiteGround.

2. Website Navigation

 Having a website that’s easy to navigate will help the user get around your site and to the content they need faster. Although it makes sense, a lot of people seem to neglect it. At Southtown Web Design I always make sure that the navigation is always there in front of you to easily jump to different sections. It can get confusing for visitors when they are in a website that doesn’t have proper linking in order to move around the site easier. It’s important for your users to stay longer on your website, because the longer that they stay the higher chance you have of them taking an action on your site. 

3. Applying white space

 Applying white space throughout your website will help make it more user friendly by increasing your texts readability by 20%. Not only is it more minimal, but there is a lot less distraction for the viewer and makes it easier to focus on your content and call to actions. 

4. Website Layout

 There are a lot of types of website layout ideas that you can implement into your Wordpress website design to be more user friendly. I like to look at other companies website layout types in order to bring some creativity into my mind. A properly laid out website design will make your visitors want to stay longer on your page and will guide them into taking an action on your WordPress site. Whether it’s to get your visitors to email you, signup for a newsletter or purchase a product, it’s important to have your website layout structured accordingly and easy for your users to find what they need right away.  

5. The Right color palette

 Color plays an important part in the total WordPress web design layout. It sets the mood for the type of website being built. For example, the color red triggers a certain type of emotional response like love, excitement and boldness. These are the types of feeling you want to get out of people. Choosing the right color palette can be difficult, but there are a lot of places online that give you a lot of different color schemes that really compliment each other well. For a good list of color schemes, check out Canva. These are just a few tips that can help you build a better user friendly website. Let me know what you think and comment below.

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