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Every website comes with basic SEO integration to get you started, but if you would like to take it a step further, your in the right place. SEO takes time and patience to grow your online presence and get you found better online. There are no guarantees, but you will be better off with some implementation then none.

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Get better online visibility for your WordPress website design.

I will get your WordPress website setup so that google understands it and knows what services your business is about, by adding data.

One important thing that google looks for is quality content that’s fresh and up-to-date. I’ll warn you when no content has been updated for six months, so that your site remains relevant.

Google Favors Faster Websites Over Slower Ones

It’s important that you choose a hosting provider that is faster in terms of performance. Not only does google favor it, but so do your visitors.

If your WordPress website takes more then 3 seconds to load, more then likely your visitor will leave before ever seeing what your business provides. Although I optimize your site to load as quickly as it can, adding a solid hosting provider will drastically improve that time.

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