Why website maintenance is important to ensure the success of your online presence?

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How website maintenance ensures the success of our website

As with all software, it’s important to stay up to date and regularly checked in order for your website to run properly. Disregarding website maintenance is like not changing your AC’s filter regularly.

You wouldn’t be very happy in the summer with broken AC and no cool air coming through? The same process is true for your website. It should always be up and running, ready for customers and showcasing your business at its best.

Websites Are Not a One Off Project

With no website maintenance being done on a monthly basis, you could actually be throwing money right out the window. Most visitors search a website to find the information they need and if they can’t get that information because the website is not functioning properly, they’re not going to stick around.

Most website owners never have the time to check their online presence to see how it’s functioning. By not catching those website issues or website downtime, you will potentially lose customers.

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The plus sides to having maintenance

Majority of businesses don’t realize the plus sides of website maintenance:

The way the website performs, load time, uptime & downtime, all depends on the WordPress core software and plugins functioning properly with the latest up-to-date versions.

The growth of the website, regular monitoring of traffic through analytics & website changes, are all relying on having someone that is there making sure everything is functioning properly and making updates to the website in a smooth and error-free manner.

Maintenance Workflow

At Southtown Web Design I always start off with a website backup, and double check your site after all updates, for any possible issues. My software always has a record on hand of the plugins I’ve updated, so if an issue ever arises, I see to it what plugin version was changed and revert it back to the previous version until another bug free update releases.

Also provided in my monthly maintenance report are performance and security scans. If an event occurs that I catch a plugin issue, It’ll become a support ticket & I’ll usually address it before you even know there’s an issue.

The potential risk of DIY Maintenance

Trying to save money by maintaining your site yourself could end up costing you more than you think. If your just making updates from your WordPress admin dashboard, there would be no record of it being done. If a plugin update caused an issue a few weeks down the road, it would be hard to narrow down where the issue arised and how to revert back without accidentally restoring an old backup point(and possibly the loss of content changes, sales order, contact form entries, you name it).

The cost to fix is higher than to maintain

Without the proper experience and neglecting of your site can severely mess up the san antonio web design and functionality of your online presence. When you have a choice to make, what happens. One, try to fix it yourself, which could cause further damage. Or two, pay the (sometimes hefty) price for an experienced person to fix it.

Just like your AC unit, the cost is higher to fix it than it is to maintain it properly. Regular servicing helps to keep your AC running efficiently, whereas regular site maintenance will help keep your website running efficiently.

Get in touch with an experienced person

Why not focus on what you do best and let me handle what I do best? Would you try to replace your AC yourself without a contractor? Then why try to do DIY maintenance on your website, if you’re not a web professional? By securing a professional to update and maintain your website properly you will actually save yourself potential lost sales and visitors.

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