Site Audit: What is it?

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Website Audit: What is it?

In this article I’m going to be talking about What a site audit is, how your business will benefit from one and a form you can fill out to perform an audit.

After completing all the technical fixes that a site audit finds, whether it be by you or a professional, you will most likely get a boost in ranking for your site! Now who doesn’t want that? 

Launching your site and hoping for the best just doesn’t cut it

 Without properly setting up your website you could potentially be losing out on being found online by your preferred customers. Making simple technical fixes could boost your sites ranking in Google’s search engines by making your site easily accessible for Google to crawl. If you’d like to see a consistent growth overtime and build your brand awareness in your local area faster, check out my local SEO services

Do I really need a web site audit?

You might think that just posting new content to your website will increase your chances of driving more traffic. It just doesn’t work like that. Yes, great content is the key to helping drive more qualified traffic to your site. Although, without making sure your page is indexed, you’ve done proper research, on-page seo & link building, your content just isn’t going to show up. It’s as simple as that.

A website audit will help you see the areas that need improvement in order for your site or your page to rank well. From there you can try to tackle these issues yourself if you know what your doing or you can hire a professional to take that stress off your hands. Southtown Web Design has helped many clients achieve first page ranking and drive more traffic for its clients. If you’d love to learn more, contact us today.

Having a site setup up properly from the beginning will save you a headache later down the road. This is where a site audit can help

Is your website meeting some of the web standards for optimizing your site for better search-ability? Here is a list of a few things you can do to improve your site today: 

  • Creating metadata for your pages
  • Making sure you have good heading structure throughout
  • Researching KW’s that actually drive traffic to your site
  • Creating a sitemap for your site
  • Creating a robots.txt

This is just a few things that are needed in order for Google to understand what your page is about and how to index you in their search engine accordingly. 

A risk that most businesses make

Is forgetting to always optimize your pages the best you can for a better user experience for your visitors and also satisfying one of Google’s recent core updates. You shouldn’t have a website designed, throw a bunch of images together without thinking about performance. 

I mention images, because they are usually the culprit for slowing down your website significantly. See our article on “Why is my WordPress site loading so slow?” to learn more on how you can make simple improvements to speed up your site. If you need help with making any technical fixes or page-speed optimization, contact us today.

Perform a site audit

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about what a site audit is and why you should perform one regularly. Let’s get you started on performing one for yourself. Fill out the form below with your website URL, name and email address and receive a thorough analysis of your site and the improvements you can make for better site health and areas you can make improvements on. Looking to have a website setup properly from the start? Visit our web design services.

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