SEO Case Study for City Signs

SEO Case Study for local San Antonio Business
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SEO Case Study for City Signs

When I first started Southtown Web Design back in 2015, I learned of the importance of SEO & marketing on a business. I initially struggled with getting found and trying to drive traffic/potential leads to my business.

I knew that I had to do something! So I begin testing out implementing SEO techniques on my own website. I’ve read countless articles, watched countless videos and took courses online in order to gain a better understanding on how it all works. 

After much research and testing I began noticing my rank in Google continue to rise. It took lots of tweaking and time to fully build the strength my domain needed to compete with the big dogs here in San Antonio. 

I want to share what I’ve learned in order to help businesses locally get found easier in their local market. It can be a very daunting task and sometimes figuring out where to start can be difficult and confusing. I’m here to help businesses navigate these digital landscapes, so they can focus on serving their clients. 

In this case study you will see how I was able to help City Signs build their online presence through a customized san antonio web design & search engine optimization strategy.

What were the problems and frustrations the client was facing?


City signs reached out to me in order to help build his online presence in order to drive more traffic to his business. 

He previously was working with an SEO company that completely burned him pretty bad. They took down his website and kept the domain name he was using and had to start from the beginning again. 

Southtown Web Design is in the business of helping people grow their business in order to provide a steady stream of traffic & potential leads. If one of our client leaves, they get to keep all the work that was done for them. Why? It’s pretty simple… they paid for those services!

How were we able to get City Signs ranking again?


The most important thing that needs to be done and is often overlooked, is keyword research & competitor analysis. 

I always exhaust myself in keyword research because it lays the foundation for the future success of any SEO campaign. 

I’ve seen a lot of people who had great ideas in their mind but they never did any research into it. They get everything setup for the business and spend a mass amount of time and money, only to find out once they start marketing, that the idea they had has small search volume to begin with. 

Although with City Signs, It is a very niche type of business that doesn’t drive a lot of traffic, but a much needed service. Every brick and mortar business has exterior signage and needs someone like City Signs to service them. 

After much research I was able to find key search phrases that had some search volume behind them. The next step was properly setting up the sitemap structure of the site to provide the best user experience for visitors and for Google to easily crawl the site and index it into their search engines.

What was the process used to help rank City Signs?


There are 2 different ways to help rank a site in Google’s search results in order to give more exposure and traffic. The first one is White Hat SEO and the second is Black Hat SEO. A site can jump up in ranking a lot faster with Black hat tactics, but it runs the risk of being penalized by Google and the potential removal of that site in Google’s search engines. It would be a shame to spend all that time and money, only to get penalized and starting all over.

We only practice White hat techniques for our clients and want to ensure the future success of the investment that’s made. Some white hat techniques are performing outreach campaigns in order to get external sites linking back to ours. This is one of the most important ranking factors in building your domain authority. 

The higher your domain authority is, the easier it is for you to target higher competitive keywords that generate higher search volumes. With higher search volumes, means more visibility and potential traffic going to your website. 

Building your domain rating will help your company move up in Google’s Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS). Getting found in the SERPS organically provides a better trust signal to potential customers. As Google ads can look scammy to a lot of people and usually scroll past them to get to the real results. 

Although Google ads is another great way to gain more exposure and lots of people still click through on them, providing instant traffic to your business. This is a great technique to use combined with SEO. 

The other method we used to help City Signs rank well, not just in the SERPS, but in the google map pack. 

I’m sure you’ve searched for services in your Local area and typically see the top 3 businesses shown with reviews and business information. This is called Google’s local 3 pack. For me and many others, this provides great exposure in driving even more traffic around your specified business location. Why? because the 3 pack is shown above all organic results!

In order to rank well in your Local area, there are steps that need to be taken in order to build a strong local authority. Local SEO combined with SEO link building is a surefire way of building that local authority for your business. 

How long did it take?


We had great success with ranking City Signs right off the bat, since it’s more of a niche type business. I was able to get them ranking at the top of the first page of Google within 2 months and with some search phrases in the #1 spot. They are also showing up at the local 3 pack around their business location. 

rankings in Google's SERPS

The beginning rank was around 125 Million, which was basically non-existent since it was a new domain. After only a month of SEO work the site’s rank went up substantially! Up 100 million! The lower the number the better when it comes to the domains rank (DR). 

Initial Rank


Initial ranking for business

After One Month


After one month of SEO

What were the next steps?


The next steps were to continue outreach and make technical fixes on the site in order to boost the ranking. Technical SEO is just as important as link-building. It’s important to stay in Google’s good standings and keep up to date with the latest errors and updates that constantly come out. 

Making technical fixes alone on a site that is ranking well can provide that much needed boost to take your positioning to that next level. 

As of right now City Signs is ranking on the first page for all of the main keywords targeted! When the busy season comes around, he will be positioned properly when potential customers are looking for those specific services.



Most of the time SEO is something that takes time to build and maintain those rankings once you’ve reached them. View our article “How long does SEO take to work?” for more information on the typically time it takes to see results for semi-competitive industries.

The beauty of SEO is that you can stop doing it for a month or a couple months and still be ranking and driving traffic to your business. Although in more competitive markets it’s important to continually perform SEO in order to stay at the top. 

If your competitors are not backing down, more than likely they will pass you up in the SERPS or stay above you. There are companies that have been doing ongoing work for years and can seem impossible to get to their level. 

There are ways to work around this issue in the beginning by targeting keywords around the main services that are hard to rank for initially. Although with time and continually building your domain authority, you will be able to compete with the big dogs yourself! Everyone deserves a piece of the pie and we can help you get there. 

For more information on getting started on building your online presence, contact Southtown Web Design today.

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