5 Things You Can Do To Build Your Online Presence

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Is your websites online presence working for you?

Building an online presence for your company is as essential as any other business activity in this technology era. The internet comes with plenty of prospects that firms can exploit. Nowadays, you can trade products and even advertise your brand online.

A major hindrance that prevents businesses from operating online is a lack of knowledge. Many companies do not know how to create an online presence and how much it might cost them. Another issue is that many firms rush to adopt online practices and end up with a weak online presence.

There are many online platforms that firms can utilize to attract clients and create awareness of their brand. However, utilizing the wrong platform may lead to a waste of funds as you will invest in a platform that doesn’t assist in popularizing your firm or products.

The first and critical step in building an online presence is identifying a suitable platform that will act as the backbone of the online campaign. Carrying out research is vital as it ensures you find the best internet marketing platform.

Platforms that businesses can utilize to create an online presence

Firms can use various platforms such as social media, WordPress, and third-party hosted sites to drive traffic to their business.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a trivial yet effective way of promoting items or services through internet marketing. You are required to open an account on a social media platform, for instance, Instagram, and advertise your products. Some firms employ social media influencers when advertising their products and brand.


This platform is a website creation platform that businesses can utilize to create an excellent online site. WordPress offers users complete control over their website design and advanced Web Design tools that firms can use to create online stores, blog posts, and carry out internet marketing tasks.

Third-Party Hosted Website

Third-party host websites are platforms whereby users come and set up a secondary web page on a host website. Examples of third-party hosted websites are WIX and Shopify. The latter allows businesses to open an online store where they can advertise and sell items.

Third-party hosted websites come with an assistive user interface that simplifies Web Design and optimizes the final web page to appeal to your target audience. Such platforms come with numerous features; however, you may need to incur a charge to access them.

Five ways of driving traffic to your firm’s online platform

After identifying a suitable online platform for your firm, the next logical step is to ensure people visit, view, and explore your webpage. As more people visit your site, the business is more likely to make a sale or attract a potential consumer.

Here are the 5 top ways of ensuring that consumers are aware of your online platform.

  1. Branded Web Design

An excellent method of ensuring consumers identify your firm is branding your website. It is possible to create a branded website that is personalized to advertise products or services of a specific brand through internet marketing.

Branded websites provide visitors with a tailored experience whereby they can explore a brand’s items and services from the firm’s perspective. A Branded website will not only advertise your merchandise, but it will also popularize your firm’s brand.

Branded websites should contain the firm’s logo, and it should be displayed correctly. The website should also come with colors and other tailored features that relate to your brand.

  1. Start making relevant online content

Generating content relating to the business brand and products is essential in internet marketing. Firms can make videos, audiobooks, and blog posts related to their merchandise or services. Such content assists you in reaching out to consumers and creating popularity.

Most consumers don’t purchase items from a brand they don’t know unless they want to try something new. Creating and posting relevant online content helps to establish your firm in the online market.

Creating relevant content helps a firm to showcase its proficiency and competence. It assists in attracting traffic towards your official website and products.

  1. Google/ Facebook Paid ads

Online paid ads are a no brainer when it comes to popularizing your firm. Depending on your preference, you can utilize Facebook adverts or Google Ads to develop quality attractive ads that will reach millions of individuals worldwide.

With Facebook and google ads, it’s possible to reach your target demographic and advertise your firm’s merchandise or services. Depending on your finances, there are several advertisement packages with different charges.

Online paid ads should be short, precise, and to the point. The best thing about Facebook/ google ads is that a visitor will be directly taken to the firm’s webpage or promotional landing page once they click on the ad.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO / Local SEO is a sensitive procedure whereby online search platforms, such as Google, rank websites according to their relevance to a search query. Search engines utilize a group of words to produce relevant results when a person searches for something. These words are commonly known as keywords.

Firms can use keywords relevant to their services or products to ensure they appear among the first page results whenever people search using the words. The keywords should appear in headings, tags, and descriptions on your website or blog posts. SEO can be done by personnel within the firm, or you can opt to hire a professional like Southtown Web Design.

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  1. User Guest Post

As mentioned earlier, producing content is an excellent way to capture and drive traffic to your firm’s online platform. However, it may be tricky to direct adequate traffic to your website by just using personal blog posts and content.

Sometimes it is best to find a blog site closely related to your niche and write a guest post on their behalf. The content may also contain information relating to your business. When the guest blog’s audience reads the content, they can find a link that redirects them to your site.

Guest posts can assist a firm in accessing a new audience in a closely related niche, and it provides website links that lead back to your web page that also aid in SEO.


Nowadays, an online presence is critical for any business. Creating a sophisticated website may not necessarily be the best option. Take your time and identify the best online platform for the business and implement ways to attract and drive traffic towards the platform.

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