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The Brief

Massar first contacted Southtown Web Design about converting his Wix law firm website design on the WordPress CMS platform. Honestly speaking, there is no way to convert a Wix site into WordPress. No matter what people tell you in order to get your business.

It may be impossible, but rebuilding it on WordPress is possible. It needs to be built from the ground up. The good part is that there is a layout and content to work with already from the previous site to help with the new build.

Then there is transferring the domain away from Wix to another hosting platform that can take up to a week to process.

Massar was concerned with his site on Wix, because there are a lot of limitations on certain things you can’t do on the platform. They promise full customization on the layout and design with their builder, but that’s not always the case.

My Approach

Since I would have to re-design the law firm website again on WordPress. I figured, why not just create a new San Antonio web design that’s more up to date in terms of design. A cleaner, more modern look.

One of the reasons I love building sites on WordPress is that you can always build on to it as your business scales. The plenty of plugins that can extend the functionality of your online presence. As well as being able to fully customize every aspect of the design.

I developed a one page site that has the ability to move around the page quickly in order for the user to get the information they want fast. If people are not getting what they want quickly, they will just go to the next competitors site that answers their questions for me upfront.

The functionality of the navigation of the WordPress web design is so simple, yet so important in terms of a better user experience for the visitors and for your search engine optimization. Yet, people seem to forget about that expect of the design.

The Result

Simple, clean & functional design that’s responsive on all media devices. Easy to navigate for visitors to get the information they need quickly. law firm Website design that can easily scale with the business as he grows. As well as integration of making edits to the content and images without having to call a developer for help all the time.

responsive mobile friendly display of massar law firm website design on different media devices
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