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The Brief

Manna House Malawi approached Southtown Web Design to help redesign their site. One of the main problems they were having on their old site was directing visitors to a third party website to make donations.

The site was also dated and had a very boxy look and feel. Just by going to the site you can tell that it was designed years ago. Another big issue was the site not being set up to be mobile-friendly.

My Approach

The very first task I wanted to approach was adding in the functionality to the site that would give the ability to make donations without having to leave to a third-party site. After much research, I found a great extension to use to be able to add that feature and keep visitors on the site, which creates a better user experience.

Next I wanted to get as far away as possible with the boxy look and feel. I really like to play off the logo when it comes to the layout/design of the site. Consistency is one of the most important aspects to a good website design. Keeping the same style and elements through out helps to establish your brand.

The next big issue I wanted to address was making the site more responsive. Whether you view the site from your desktop, tablet or phone it’s going to adapt accordingly. Making sure a site is mobile-friendly not only creates a better user experience, it also helps with your ranking in Google’s search engine.

Google puts importance on sites that are optimized properly. It would rather give users a better user experience and thus will push you up higher over another website that’s not optimized for mobile.

The Result

Manna House Malawi board was happy with the end result, as was I. I believe it really came together nicely and provides a great experience for any type of user going to the site. For more information on starting your next project, contact us.


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