5 Reasons Why Every Landing Page Should Use Social Proof

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Advantages Of Adding Social Proof To Your Landing Page

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. Statistics suggest that sites implementing social proof can improve conversions by 270%.

Customer retention also gets a 31% boost when social proof is applied to your website design. But does every landing page need social proof?

Should Every Landing Page Include Social Proof?

If you want to improve your conversion rates, including social proof on your landing page is a no-brainer. It can play a huge role in your site visitor’s purchasing decisions. 

When considering a purchase or choosing between online shops, customers typically seek advice from someone with expertise. So why not show those experts on the landing page?

Examples of social proof can be testimonials, customer reviews, product reviews, case studies, and more.

How To Add Social Proof On Landing Pages

You can add several types of social proofs on your landing page. Its effectiveness might depend on your niche or industry. So do your research, try things out, and see what works. 

To speed up research and A/B testing, we’ve curated a list of tested and proven social proofs you can add to your landing page:


Client testimonials are one of the best landing page social proofs. Studies suggest that 78% of customers are more likely to buy products from a site with positive testimonials.

Adding a customer’s name, picture, company, and purchased product/service with a direct quote provides more credibility. This builds trust and increases conversions by up to 34%.


People trust others whenever they have doubts. This holds true when it comes to online shopping. A good review might be the difference between a sale and a customer leaving.

Research shows that 78% of customers trust reviews more than advertising. It’s authentic, organic, and free. This makes reviews one of the most cost-effective social proofs out there.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is basically free marketing from your customers. Every time they post a photo or a video of them using your product, that’s social proof that you can feature.

This type of social proof also improves user engagement, especially with the customers you feature. However, some of the photos might not be on par quality-wise with your brand.

To solve this issue, you can use free image upscaler tools to ensure quality photos.

Embed Social Media

Search all your channels for brand-positive Instagram photographs, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. Consider an Instagram hashtag that can get folks published on our page.

Then embed the social media posts on the landing page after collecting them. Visitors may engage with embedded postings or share them themselves. 

Case Studies

If you feel that brief testimonials from satisfied customers just aren’t enough to sell your goods, you may always connect them to relevant case studies.

Potential clients may have a better understanding of your company’s efficacy by reading about case studies and other instances.

5 Reasons why Businesses Need Social Proof on Landing Pages

Social proof offers tons of benefits. It’s one of the most cost-effective and sustainable forms of marketing. Having them on your landing page also provides the following:

Build Trust

Trust is one of the most important factors in driving sales. Social proof like reviews and testimonials gives site visitors a reason to trust your brand. 

Studies suggest 70% of people trust reviews from people they haven’t personally met. Reviews also save customers hours of research.

Increase Conversion Rates

More conversions equal more revenue. A Spiegel studies suggest that reviews impact sales more when it comes to higher-priced items. 

Reviewing a product in the store’s lower price range increased conversion by 190%, according to data. Premium products converted 380% better than low-priced ones.

Improves Customer Engagement

Dynamic social proof like UGC or social media embeds improves customer engagement on your landing pages. 

You can convey that you value your customers’ feedback by engaging with their reviews and testimonials. When done correctly, customers can become loyal fans of the brand.

Elevate Social Nudges

Nudges are useful because they allow your consumers to make a good choice without being forced to do so. Some examples of nudges in social proof are:

  • Clothing companies promoting UGC that demonstrates the significant benefits of their products.
  • Notifications or pop-ups that display product usage data.
  • Customer feedback and showcasing positive comments.

Show Proof-based Marketing

Customers are likely to trust brands that are authentic in the way they present their products and services. Back this up by doing proof-based marketing with the help of social proof.

It’s not enough to say you’re going to solve your customer’s problems on your landing page. You have to back it up with evidence.

Key Takeaways

Adding social proof to your landing pages can be a game-changer. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know:

  • Social proof makes your brand look more trustworthy.
  • It helps improve sales and conversions.
  • Customers trust reviews and testimonials more than advertisements.

If you’d like help implementing any of these suggestions into your site, contact us today!

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